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Bespoke Furniture and Outdoor Features

We hand make a range of beautiful feature products as part of Cutler Aesthetics, including bespoke Benches, dining tables, lamps and fire pits.


These products are all hand crafted from both materials we have sourced from the local areas, as well as some unique reclaimed items which we have repurposed into some beautiful bespoke pieces for your home. 

We source our own oak, which we mill and season ourselves, we source the majority of our timber from a 10 mile radius of our workshops, removing unwanted, nuisance or dead trees from local land, using as much of the usable timber for our products or structural timbers witht eh remaining waste used to heat our workshops and homes through the winter months.

Fire Pits

We have a limited number of incredible fire pits available as part of out Outdoor Feature pieces.

Made from reclaimed Steel sea buoys from Southampton Docks, these heavy semi-spherical fire pits are made from 10mm thick spun steel at a diameter of 90cm, standing 60 cm high, our fire pits provide simplistic presence to any outdoor space or seating area. 

I Beam Bench

Our I beam benches are constructed from structure steel beams and hand picked solid Oak which has been milled and seasoned from our own wood supply, allowing us to know where the wood has come from and grown throughout its life. The design creates a simplistc presence of industrial elegance, mixing the heavy grounding steels with the figurative oak, keeping a hint of the natural curves of the weeny edge of the oak.

These benches are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, and produced on a varying of lengths to suit anyones needs.

Please get in touch to discuss what would be suitable for you and have your very own bespoke I beam bench for your home.

Skeleton Oak Lamp

Our beautiful skeleton oak lamps are a creative rendition of traditional street lamps, with a Skeleton Oak stem supporting a reclaimed lantern head. These lamps have been described as "something straight out of a C.S Lewis story" create a unique blend of traditional materials with natural twist which would bring character to anyones home or garden. 

These Lamps are created in varying sizes, depended on the characteristics of the timber stems, with a recycled copper tubing which has been shaped around the stem,  a forged metal stand and lantern supports with a 240v collection wired into the base to allow for easy installation.


These are a limited series with a number available to purchase with commissions avaiable. please get in touch with us to arrange a viewing and to discuss adding one of these bespoke lamps to your home. 

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