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David Cutler

David Cutler is a Dorset based artist and founder of Cutler Aesthetics, creating art pieces predominantly in the medium of metal and wood. 

with a born passion for creating, David has been making all of his life, from secondary school focusing on arts, studying Fine Art, photography and product design through A-levels.


Following school David's is passion turned toward fine furniture making, attending Bridgwater College and completing a 4 year part time course in furniture making. looking to broaden his academia, David went on to attend Oxford Brookes University, achieving a First Class Honours degree in Construction project management, leading to specialising in the managing of construction and renovation to listed buildings for Ultra High residential in the Cotswolds and Dorset.

With a busy career in Construction David's passion for creating hadn't diminished, learning from his father and teaching himself how to forge and work with metal, his artist passion began growing towards creating large scale metal artwork.


Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and what it has to offer his artwork looks to incapsulate the natural forms and celebrate them on a large scale. looking to turn this passion into a career David started Cutler Aesthetics in 2018, collating his love of creating both artwork, aswell as beautiful items inspired by nature for any home. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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